Between DOTA and Life

Ya aku mengaku agak obses ngn game dota, dengan alasan game ni ada masa depan. Aku? Masa depan aku kat ukrida lah. Hancur ukrida, hancurlah masa depan aku. Aku cuba lah sikit2 nak speaking dalam posting kali ni.

See, this game ah, can improve trust between us lorh. Why not? In garena we play2 game with unknown peoples hundreds miles away. We trust them that we can win the game ha. If i play in garena i dont know whether they are pro, noob, mcb, cb, lanjiao or anything else. i just pick my hero or just pick random2 la to play for fun. I just trust them so badly la just to win. =)

As in kindergarten we was being teached to have our own hope. What we want to do in future. What archievement we want. What job is most admired to us. Hell yeah dota giving me constant hope that never dies >>> to WIN. Constant training to be most pro player in Pak Mulyadi's Kost (rumah stroberi), and continue effort to become legend. Its that good? Yes it is. We should put a lot of effort to make sure our hope is archieved.

In dota ah, teamwork is very2 important you know. We gangbang together, break tower together, push together, but i hate farming together la. Just in case one member catch in problem, we blink2 the map and ALL other ally hero will run towards the tempat kejadian (yg di blink td). And then he is saved from being killed lorh.

You all not believe it? Better you do. I'm not lying la. So latest dota tournament (SGNDT '10) held in The Curve, Damansara, which sponsored by Sendi Mutiara Multimedia. The prize haa, very2 expensive. Winner (EHOME) gets away 1st, and win around RM 100, 000 in just playing game! Now get your computer prepared and practise for dota. Money2 will come see youu later if you pro. =)

Thats all for today guys. So actually have more common between dota and life. LOL. Sorry for the bahasa rojak i'm using. hahaha.

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