Half Ass Inside, Half Ass Outside

See its yesterday that makes me feel horrible. Me naik this angkot half alive and half dead, not as me playing halflife; its like a disaster. For the 3rd time me ask sorry cuz my english really-really bed lorh, not meaning that me dont have incentive to make it better.

K back to yesterday's story, about the damn angkot, rain, and me. 1st when me naik angkot to go to class ah, that angkot have fully occupied with human,  and me have no choice to choose maa, so me just naik lah. Me only can sit 1/2 of my ass to the angkot and another 1/2 my ass lying freely above thin air. Just imagine 1/2 body inside and 1/2 body outside the angkot. Such a bad moment to me, the angkot's driver drove like satan is chasing him, and the only thing me thinking was am i can really make to ukrida alive? So, so sheet my morning dude.

Later in class, one thing i remembered was when my mp3 stuck in middle of song. Me fully sleeping and drawing-drawing hopelessly that the class can finished up faster. Then 'they' said after this has farmako's class, that 'pengantar praktikum' thinggy. Waaa... so sleepy. AFAIK, outside was raining ah. Damn. Forgot to shut my room's windows, and the lappy stills running.

To shorten the story, me take angkot back to my 'kost'. See guys. Its raining. And........ Me stuck like before. 'Half ass inside, half ass outside'. Its so so bad time story. With my body halves wet, the situation sucks.

Conclusion: That night me have flu and fever.

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