Wa, so many people now make vlog arrr. Bobo and naim i see have vlog kan. Oh Sheet what is vlog man??? erm... me too noob to know before. yeah i'm a blogger but vlog seems new to me. According to wiki2pedia this vlog starts around 2000. True or not I dunno lar. Just believe wiki2pedia 100% (coz it makes me pass exam - nice reference). haha.

So, i've plan to make some vlog later, cuz it seems that naim had released his own vlog (thats too cool bro). So-so ok and no more comment bout his vlog. Erm. But i will shy2 if i take video of myself, pointing the camera's camera to my face, alone in my room. Huhuhu. But nevermind la. Just want to make fun.

Haha. Me think my english very2 rubbish. Some kind of apek at kopitiam slank. Maybe too much speaking english with garena boy (that have apek at kopitiam slank) while me playing dota. Of course i feel like sheet with this slank. But nevermind la. Just want to make kelakar lorh.

Ok. Times up. Dota pulak.

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